We are truly living in exciting times. Can you imagine the enthusiasm among the angels as they anticipate how God’s people are going to be creative in a crisis? Last year we had many requests regarding if and when we would send another container to El Salvador. Now is the time! As we near the heavenly Canaan, why not do a little spring cleaning and start packing some of those items for El Salvador? 


All items must come boxed or in a crate. Exceptions will be made for certain large items.

Please read carefully the instructions below:

1. A typed label, listing all items contained in the box or crate, must be taped onto the side of the box with clear packing tape. If the item is in a crate, place packing label in a ziplock baggie and staple or zip tie it to the side of the crate.

2. This time we will not be accepting any boxes with incomplete packing lists. And if you bring a box with clothes, the packing list must indicate type and amount. Boxes containing miscellaneous items must have a packing list which specifies each item and the quantity, or we cannot send it. These are guidelines given to us by Customs.

3. If you buy something new, use it first. Please label as instructed above.

4. All donated items must be in good working condition and clothing should be lightly worn and in good condition. No winter clothes. Furniture will be accepted, but must be in very good condition.

5. All items must be brought into the church pre-labeled, to be weighed and approved. Nothing is to be dropped off at the container or the church office.

Please contact Pastor Page at 574-532-2119 or the church office, if you have any questions.

When the stay-at-home orders have been lifted, we will post a schedule for when things can be brought to the church.