About Children's Ministry


At Village SDA Church, our children’s ministry is vibrant and inclusive, offering engaging activities and meaningful learning opportunities for children of all ages. From our lively Vacation Bible School held annually to our simultaneous family seminar for parents, families come together to grow in faith and community. Additionally, our Adventurer program is tailored to support parents in guiding their children through the challenges of developing fully as followers of Christ in today’s world, with an active learning approach designed to be both fun and transformational. Alongside this, we offer Sabbath school classes catering to every stage of a child’s spiritual journey, including Beginners, Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, Primary, Juniors 1, Juniors 2, Earliteen, and Youth, ensuring that children of all ages can engage with faith in a nurturing and supportive environment.




Discover Faith: Beginners’ Sabbath School offers engaging exploration of fundamental teachings.

Cradle Roll

Heavenly Seedlings: Little Lambs Sabbath School, nurturing our youngest in God’s love and grace.


Joyful Journey: Kindergarten Quest Sabbath School, guiding young hearts to explore faith with joy.


Faith Explorers: Junior Journeys Sabbath School, empowering young minds to grow in faith and character.

Village Adventist Elementary School

Village school is the largest youth ministry of the Village church. VAES teachers and staff are committed to the academic and spiritual success  of every student. Church Pastors partner with the school in weekly chapels, Bible classes and other projects.