Extreme Bible Workout

Extreme Bible Workout is 3-week youth trip that includes extreme missions,  outdoor adventurer, and spiritual discipline.

Ages: 13-18

Cost: $500, 10% off if you apply by May 15, 2020

Dates: July 1-21, 2020

The Experience

What participants have said from previous summers? “Definitely brought me closer to God!” “Was awesome doing morning in nature.” “Lots of fun!” “Loved it!”


How many years has Village Church done this? 2020 is the sixth summer for Village church youth ministries doing Extreme Bible Workout.

What to expect:

  • Mission adventure – The first part half of the trip is a mission trip to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Morning routine will include yard work, painting and cleanup. Afternoon ministry will include VBS for local children and families. Evenings are relaxed. Basketball, reading and other activities are options after supper. The mission group from Village Church is well recognized in this town and the community is happy to continue this ongoing relationship that we have developed.
  • Outdoor adventure – The last half of the trip will be in Glacier National Park where you will discover some of the most majestic mountains, wildlife, views, and trails anywhere in the world.
  • Spiritual adventure – Each morning includes “solitude time” and sharing time that will include practical training and exercises how to have your own effective devotional time with God. Each participant will be reading chapters from the book of Proverbs every day this year. This trip will give you time to disconnect from media and phones and connect with God. The quietness of nature will be one of the memories that will make this trip unforgettable.

Reasons not to go:

  • The native kids steal your heart.
  • You’ll want to do the trip again.
  • You can’t take the mountains home.
  • You’ll make new friends you have to part with.
  • This trip’s an absolute nightmare for soft people.
  • You’ll make memories you will never be able to forget
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