Immersion Program Village Church Overview


The Immersion program is a unique opportunity that combines online learning, spiritual evangelism training and practical application of skills in collaboration with medical professionals to treat people who desire to improve their health following Biblical principles.  You will be learning from and working with hydro therapists, pastors, nurses and physicians.  

The beginning of the program is an online hydrotherapy course provided by HydroTherapy Hub.  The following link will provide additional information regarding this portion of the program:  About Us | Hydrotherapy Hub  The application for the Immersion Program is combined with the application on the Hydrotherapy Hub website.

  • Online course beginning February 19, 2023

  • Hydrotherapists will work with you in labs and provide feedback and instruction to improve skills

  • Course can be completed from the convenience of your home

  • Labs are on Sundays – Feb 19, March 5,12,19 and 26

  • Excellent preparation for the Immersion Program hydrotherapy treatments

The second portion of the Immersion Program is an onsite training program at Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  The church transforms into a lifestyle medicine facility to accommodate health guests with varied health issues that would benefit from hydrotherapy, healthy meals and medical appointments with physicians and nurses.

  • Onsite program from April 5-21, 2023

  • Lower cost housing available at Adventist Frontier Missions

  • All meals are provided and trainees are requested to participate in the healthy eating with the health guests

  • All hydrotherapy supplies will be provided

  • Trainees will have a three day course, before the health guests arrive, to prepare for using the facility, completing paperwork and additional education provided by the physicians, hydrotherapists, nurses and pastors that will be onsite.

  • Trainees will participate in the blood draw and health questionnaire and will see their own blood work numbers improve from participation in the course. A double blessing – training and benefiting from the same course as the health guests!!

This experience will prepare you to go back to your own churches/communities and provide health evangelism to people in their homes. Please contact Rhonda Johnson at for more information.