Dr. John Kelly, founding President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, will be conducting a Lifestyle Medicine Training in conjunction with an Immersion program here at Village Church this coming February.

The Info session for this event will be held at 3:00pm, November 14, live and in-person and online via live stream https://www.youtube.com/user/villagemediaministry. The Info session does not require pre-registration. All are welcome.

Because Dr. John will also be preaching the Sabbath of November 14,  a meal is being provided with out-of-town guests in mind.  Due to covid social-distancing requirements only a limited number of people may attend. The lunch is free, with required pre-register through the church office (269-471-7795) by Friday, November 13, noon.

An “Immersion program” is better known in Adventist circles as a “residential lifestyle program,” such as Weimar’s NEWSTART program. “Immersion” correctly connotes the program as an intensive, total lifestyle change. Places on the ten-day program, February 7-18, are limited. Pre-registration is required. Cost is $1000, a much discounted price which includes everything except housing which is $40 /night at the AFM Mission Inn.

The Lifestyle Medicine Training will entail on-line and in-person didactic presentations with quizzes, hands-on practice with students practicing on each other and faculty, live treatments for real health guests supervised by experienced practitioners during the Immersion, a review session with Q&A, a final exam and a graduation with awarding of certificates. The specific modalities learned will include four key hydrotherapy treatments, simple lymph massage, and charcoal and plant poultices. Didactics will cover the basic physiology of the treatments, and specific protocols for performing each of the treatments.

The schedule for in-person training at the Village Church begins February 4th and concludes on February 19th. Full attendance is recommended, but attendance is required on February 4 & 5, 8-10, and 16-19. Discounted cost is $1,500 for the training, which includes the health guest activities and everything except housing at the AFM Mission Inn at $40 /night.

Physicians and licensed professionals may participate in the training. Cost is $3,995 (after $1,000 early-bird discount) for official Lifestyle Medicine fellowship training with thirty CME/CE credits and prepares physicians and licensed professionals to sit for their Board exams.