Village YouTube Channel

Join us on a journey of faith as we share messages of encouragement, provide valuable training resources, and demonstrate how to implement God’s teachings in our everyday lives and local communities. No matter where you are, you can be a part of our mission to serve God and spread His love. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to minister through our Village Adventist Church YouTube channel, and we invite you to subscribe, engage, and grow with us as we continue to shine the light of Christ to the world.

Why I Am Here Podcast

Many great stories fall through the cracks, stories that could have made a huge impact on people’s hearts about the transforming love of Christ. On this podcast we explore the lives of those who were taken by God from a life of darkness to His marvelous light. We also feature success stories in ministry with one goal – to inspire and equip those who aspire to be co-laborers with God.

For our latest season, we just added a video podcast. So not only can you listen on our audio platforms, you can also tune in and watch on our YouTube Channel.


Village Church Articles

This is your hub for insightful articles capturing the essence of our church’s activities. From vibrant events within our community to impactful outreach efforts both locally and globally, each article reflects the heartbeat of our congregation. Join us as we share stories of faith, service, and connection, inviting you to be part of the transformative narratives that define our shared path.