Pastors & Elders Conference
September 18-19

What To Expect:

Different topics on the following subjects: 

What to Expect When a Loved One Comes Out
Family Coaching
Conversion Vs. Conversion Therapy
Stages of Victory 

The Seminar is aimed at providing pastors a special time to learn how to handle these issues. To biblically ground them and provide a platform to discuss legal issues brought about by such issues etc. 
Program Cost is: $150

More Information Coming Soon…

Our Speakers:

Ron Kelly, DMin

Ron Kelly is the senior pastor of the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs Michigan. He is married to Collene, an elementary school teacher; and together, they have four children. Ron enjoys wilderness canoe trips, mission travel, and working with his family and friends. 

Jay Gallimore, BA, MA

Jay Gallimore is a retired minister. He served in pastoral ministry for eighteen years, and also taught practical ministry to seminary students as Directory of Northwest Ministries Training Center. Then he served as Michigan Conference Ministerial Director, Executive Secretary and then as Conference President. He has two workbooks one on Romans and the other on Galatians, along with many articles. Pastor Gallimore graduated from Southern Adventist University with B.A. in Theology and from Andrews University with an M.A. in Religion. He and his late wife, Linda, have two grown children, a daughter and a son. 

Neil Nedley, MD

Neil Nedley, MD, is founder and medical director of the community-based and residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs and Optimize Your Brain. Dr. Nedley is an award-winning practicing physician who also serves as president of Weimar University, a higher education college that houses the NEWSTART program. He has presented and published numerous scientific studies in the medical/scientific literature and is well known as an author, public speaker, and teacher throughout the world. 

Michael Carducci

Michael Carducci co-founder and senior speaker, shares internationally for ‘Coming Out’ Ministries and has a history of gender dysphoria, same sex attraction, sexual and pornography addiction. Living in the LGBTQ+ culture for over 20 years and then going into church culture was a difficult transition for him exploring the intimacy of a loving Creator and Redeemer. As Michael was experiencing Jesus Christ he started to seek victory over addiction and drives that were long established patterns through the love and power of Jesus Christ. Michael speaks about his experience and encourages others on their journey of identity and sexuality into the arms of a powerful and loving Savior. 

Ron Woosley

Ron Woosley is a recently retired pastor after serving 28 years of ministry in Arkansas. He is co-founder and past board chairman of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, presenting redemptive messages of love, compassion, and power to overcome sin through the grace of Jesus Christ. Ron is also a recording artist and concert musician with his Concert Grand Marimba. Under the pen name “Victor J. Adamson” he has also authored two books to date: “That Kind Can Never Change! Can They…?” and “Strait Answers to the Gay Question.” Ron travels exclusively both at home and abroad with his music, his messages, and his testimony of divine rescue from a previous lifestyle of degradation and self-destruction, shared so that others may know that “nothing is impossible with God…” Through his multi-faceted messages, Ron contends that our “God is love,” and that He is “mighty to save,” the “whosoevers,” from “whatsoever,” even “to the uttermost.”

Wayne Blakely

Wayne Blakely spent a greater part of his life in LGBT+ culture. But God!… For the last fourteen years, he has spoken on the transformation journey that Jesus promises. He has shared his discoveries around the world, and is currently working on a landmark film, in an effort to unite Christians and invite precious LGBT+ people to contemplate all that Jesus offers. 

K'dee Crews, Ph.D

Dr. K’dee (Elsen) Crews graduated from Loma Linda University with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and currently works as a licensed clinical psychologist at Beautiful Minds Medical in Northern California. She is an international speaker, podcast host, running enthusiast, and wife to the love of her life and partner in ministry, Aron Crews. Her ultimate joy is sharing how the truth of a compassionate God can heal our broken world, lives and hearts. 

Ivonne Restrepo, BS

Ivonne Restrepo is a certified life and health coach and trainer. Bachelor of Health Education, MCC Certified Life and Health Coach, Adventist Christian Coaching Alliance, PCC Mental Health Coaching, American Association of Christian Counselors. She is currently teaching Biblical Mental Health and Christian Marriage and Family and serves as the Health Outreach Coordinator at Hartland College. For 25years she has been training missionaries and lay people in South America, North America, MENAU, England, China and Ukraine. She is an advocate for teaching mental – spiritual health and education in the context of relationship issues and spends much of her time coaching Christian leaders and people going through trauma and abuse in the Christian, Muslim, and LGBT community. 

Robb Rice, Ph.D.

Robert studied Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Communication, and believes that our church members are the crisis communicators for the end times. He taught Communication in the classroom, and believes the best textbook on Communication is the Bible. After teaching, Robert transitioned into health ministry and was then called into Bible work. He hopes the whole church will join in proclaiming the Three Angel’s Messages and enjoys helping others live a more abundant life by inspiration of both scientific literature and life’s ultimate textbook, the Bible. 

Brian & Anne Savinsky

Brian is a retired controls engineer and Anne a retired registered nurse. In 2012, after meeting the co-founders of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries at ASI and hearing their testimonies, they quickly became ministry supporters and eagerly got involved helping behind the scenes in numerous capacities. This eventually led to their producing the documentary, “Journey Interrupted.” It was quite unexpected, however, when years later Brian’s daughter came out as gay. Brian and Anne share their story of what being a part of COM means to them. 

Cedric Vine, BSc, MA, Ph.D.

Dr. Cedric Vine is Associate Professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. He completed a BSc (Hons) in Managerial and Administrative Studies at Aston University in 1994. In 1999 he completed an Andrews MA in Theology at Newbold College. In 2012 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Sheffield. The thesis was published as The Audience of Matthew: An Assessment of the Local Audience Thesis, LNTS496 (London: Bloomsbury/T&T Clark.) More recently, he has published Jesus and the Nations: Discipleship and Mission in the Gospel of Matthew (Eugene, Oreg: Pickwick, 2022). Before coming to Andrews University, Dr Vine taught in the Department of Theological Studies in the north of England for nine years. He was ordained a gospel minister in 2006. 

Eric Walsh, MD, Dr.P.H.

Eric Walsh is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Medicine and Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his master’s and a doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. He has served 2 US Presidents (George W Bush and Barak Obama) as an advisor on care administration. He travels the globe speaking on many subjects. His wife, Jacqueline, is his partner in ministry and his best friend. 

Tyeesha Holt

Tyeesha Holt, a native of Lawton, Oklahoma, is recognized by the boldness and compassion she displays when it comes to one of the most complex topics in society today: gender identity and homosexuality. Tyeesha’s transparency and understanding of identity confusion and insecurities has made her approach in teaching on homosexuality like none other, resulting in lives changed across the world. Her mission is to express the gospel in a way that brings truth tot he LGBTQ community and to equip the body of believers on how to effectively reach those influenced by the practice of homosexuality. Tyessha Holt Ministries was birthed from her awaking and transformation in 2013, and she has become a dynamic speaker, author of three groundbreaking books that educate adults, youth and children on what homosexuality is and not what the world has made it out to be. 

Andrew Rodriguez, MSW

Andrew Rodriguez is a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania. He’s the director of Integrity Christian Counseling and the creator of the YouTube channel, PsychoBible, in which he discusses psychology, theology, and sexuality. He is certified in Reintegrative Therapy, a counseling approach for trauma and addictions found helpful in exploring sexual attraction change. He is active in educating the public about sexuality and training other counselors to provide competent and compassionate care to sexuality strugglers. He and his wife, Jessica, live in Pottstown, PA, and attend Hopewell Community Church, where Andrew is involved in teaching and leading a Living Waters/CrossCurrent support group from Desert Stream Ministries. 

Tony Scarpino

Growing up rarely nurtured to becoming an addicted abuser as an adult. That was Tony’s early life. Married with children; years of failing with alcohol, pornography and sexual addiction until accepting and receiving a pure relationship with Jesus in 2007. His mission is to reach the youth and others globally helping people of all ages to meet their Father in Heaven in a real and loving way. Tony volunteers wherever the Lord inspires him to use his experience to help others find freedom and peace in God. 

Greg King, Ph.D.

Greg A. King is dean of the School of Religion and professor of biblical studies at his alma mater, Southern Adventist University, where he has taught since 2004. He holds degrees from Southern, SDA Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, including a doctorate in Old Testament from the latter. His speaking engagements include professional meetings and church groups both in the United States and abroad, including New Zealand, Brazil, Austria, and Israel. His articles have appeared in a number of publications, such as Ministry, Adventist Review, Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, Bibliotheca Sacra, and Andrews University Seminary Studies. Additionally, he authored the book Kings and Chronicles. Prior to teaching, he did pastoral work in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and Des Moines, Iowa. His wife, Mary, daughter of H.M.S. Richards Jr., former speaker of the Voice of Prophecy, serves as support nurse for the University Health Center at Southern. They have two adult sons, Jonathan and Joshua. Greg’s real passion in life is to help his students, as well as everyone else, develop a living, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can live an abundant life. 

Lisa Terrilion

Lisa Terrilion’s life has been radically changed by the blood of the Lamb. After living as a lesbian for many years, God reached down with love and compassion and rescued her from a life of pain and shame. She is now married to a wonderful husband and has inherited four beautiful children. Lisa now serves as a Mentoring Associate with ‘Coming Out’ Ministries and works mostly behind the scenes with those seeking to find victory in Jesus Christ. 

Daniel Varela

Daniel Varela was raised in a Puerto Rican, Seventh-Day Adventist household as a “military brat” struggling with same-sex attraction. On the quest to reconcile his sexuality, Daniel found himself living in student housing with his boyfriend on a Christian campus. Questioning whether God could speak to him as an active homosexual. God initiated a journey of reconciliation, true love and repentance. As Daniel cooperated with divine grace he’s now living a life in Christ. Daniel tells his story of redeeming grace to inspire others. 

Stephen Eccles, MSc, MSa

Stephen Eccles currently works as a Pastor for the Ohio Conference, having previously worked as a Chaplain for Kettering Health in Ohio. Before being called to ministry, he worked in the IT industry for 25 years in the UK and Europe. He has a Masters in Community Development from Andrews University, where he focused on developing community-based support programs for those suffering from addiction issues, and a Graduate License in Theology from Newbold College in England. He has been an active member of 12-step recovery groups for over 18 years and has been responsible for establishing several new groups in Michigan, Ohio, and online. He is also a trainer with the “Journey To Wholeness” program led by NAD Adventist Recovery Ministries. His involvement in recovery groups was prompted by his own personal suffering with more than one addiction and then finding recovery through the power of God that he encountered by applying the Biblical principles of the 12-Step program. 

Anthony & Judith Davis, MSc, MSc, BSc

Anthony Davis was born in London and is a VOIP engineer currently employed in a blue chip company. Tony has a Diploma in computer science and a PhD in life. Judith Davis hails from the West Country and is a Public Health specialist. Judith has a diploma in nursing, a BSc (hons) in Midwifery, a BSc (hons) in Public Health and MSc in Public Health, sprinkled with a PhD in laughter. They have been married for 26 years with two adult daughters. They are part of this ministry because the Spirit led Judith to the COM when her daughter came out as LGBTQ 3years ago and there was a desperation for support. Judith found a lifeline with the ministry and has made friendships for life. We praise God for his Grace and lov. 

Clinton Wahlen

Clinton Wahlen is an associate director of the Biblical Research Institute where he has worked since 2008. He received his Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from Cambridge University. He taught for many years at both graduate and undergraduate levels, and has given presentation in more than fifty countries worldwide. The author of numerous articles and several books, he and his wife Gina have two grown children, a daughter-in-law, and twin grandsons. 

Genoveve Smith

As a little girl, who was born in the Caribbean island of Curacao, Genoveve was molested and confused as she identified with her father and her two brothers. She eventually fell into the world of partying, drinking, drugs, and relationships with women while going to church every Sabbath. Eventually, she attended university where she was given the name of an affirming group on campus and also ‘Coming Out’ Ministries, where she found affirmation in Jesus Christ and His identity and design for her. Genoveve shares her journey of victory with others and helps to share how to find belonging in the arms of her Savior. 

Daisy Snyman

Daisy Snyman comes from South Africa where she was raised in a single mother home where she struggled with “fitting in” with the other kids in school. Being mistaken for a boy and covering up a debilitating skin rash that would ooze and stick to her hoodie and clothes made it impossible to feel valued and loved. Hearing the call of the Gospel while struggling with same sex attractions and relationships, she began a journey of discovering her value and worth through a loving and affirming Savior. Now as an associate speaker for ‘Coming Out’ Ministries she travels internationally to share her experience and how to find and maintain her intimate connection to Jesus. 

Jerry Armijo

Growing up, Jerry Armijo experienced same sex attraction through exposure from the television and in situations with his friends. At the age of 18, Jerry joined the military and began a life of secrecy because of the confusion in his mind about being attracted to the same sex and the military standard of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Jerry served in the U.S. Army for eight years, in Germany and Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. In 2001, through the working of the Holy Spirit, Jerry and his two friends attended a Revelation Seminar in his home state of Washington. With a new desire, Jerry started on a journey of seeking the Lord. Although his walk hasn’t been easy, he’s found a loving Savior who had been working on his behalf all along. ‘Coming Out’ Ministries held an event in Jerry’s home town, which was his first experience in a church setting that spoke to some of his past life experience. Jerry now serves as the Administrative Assistant for the ministry. He has a heart for people and a desire for them to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.