Friday Evening: Seminar 1 & 2

     6:30 pm.   Seminar I | The Chinese social credit system and its application in the USA

Scott Ritsema

     7:30 pm.   Seminar II | Critical Thinking: Basic skills for life

Eva Tompkins, Esq

Sabbath Morning:

8:30 am.     1st Service | Country living and the SOP

Robert Hines

10.00 am.  Sabbath SchoolWhat we have learned from the Pandemic

Margaret Song

11:30 am.  2nd Service | Money, Money, Money

Conrad Vine

Sabbath Afternoon: Seminars 1-4

2:30 pm.   Seminar I |  An equipping session on how to lead a Home Bible Fellowship/Discover Bible Study

Laurence Burn

3:15 pm.   Seminar II | CBDC’s and their impact on Religious Liberty

Eva Tompkins, Esq

4:15 pm.   Seminar IIISCOTUS update

Jonathan Cherne, Esq

5:15 pm.   Seminar IV | Liberty of Conscience and Calvary

James Rafferty