Friday Evening: Seminar 1 & 2

6:30 pm.      Seminar I | The influence and writings of Roger Williams on the US Bill of rights and Adventist Religious Liberty thought.  

Jonathan Zirkle, Esq

7:30 pm.     Seminar II | Revelation 13 and Papal attitudes to economic, political and religious liberty.

Elder Conrad Vine

Sabbath Morning:

8:30 am.     1st Service | Including a short interview with Dr. Marisol Quintanilla

Pastor Ron Kelly

10.00 am.  Sabbath School | Dramatic presentation of A. T. Jones’ testimony before Congress relating to the Blair Bill.

Jonathan Zirkle, Esq with Ron Knott

11:30 am.  2nd Service | Religious Liberty in the writings of Ellen. G. White 

Pastor James Rafferty

Sabbath Afternoon: Seminars 1-4

2:30 pm.  Seminar I | Nationalism, imperialism and liberty of conscience

Pastor Bryce Bowman

3:15 pm.  Seminar II | SCOTUS and reasonable accommodations for Sabbath observance.

Jonathan Cherne, Esq

4:15 pm.  Seminar IIIReligious Liberty and the Foundations of the 1888 Message.

Ron Duffield & Ricky Kearns

5:15 pm.  Seminar IV | The linkage between the Gospel and Religious Liberty in the Proclamation of the 3 Angels’ messages.

Jon Gusky