“Habits that Last” – Vicki Griffin

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"The Addicted and Learning Brain: Keys to Freedom" - Addictions are about broken connections—in the brain, with each other, with life principles, and with God. The big picture and the bigger promises and plan.

"Your Internal Environment" - The Attitude Factor. Attitude, social networks, lifestyle, and spiritual renewal are woven together to create the mental mettle to confront obstacles. There is hope for the harried!

"Lifestyle Links for Living Free" - When it comes to building a better brain, body, and life, lifestyle matters. Quick fixes and gimmicks will not heal a broken brain or help you win the battle against bad habits. Discover what works!

"Situational Awareness" - Have you Lost it? In your quest for freedom, situational awareness is key. We explore what it is, and how to strengthen it.

"Habits that Last" - It’s one thing to achieve a goal, it’s another to maintain it over time. Learn the difference between “outcome” versus “identity” based change.

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