Village Health Immersion Program Brings Hope and Healing

A very thankful guest of the Village SDA Church Health Immersion program did something her previous doctors said would never happen: she was able to stop taking insulin to manage her blood sugar levels. This development in her health shone rays of hope on the possibility of overcoming additional health challenges.

The Health Immersion program utilizes doctors, nurses, hydrotherapists, massage therapists, spiritual counselors, and nutrition experts to take a deep dive into the roots of chronic disease. However, the power comes from God’s simple remedies and trust in His goodness.

Linda Pellandini, one of the head therapists, said “It is a reward to see, in such a short time, people get better so quickly. It just reinforces what we have been taught by Ellen White.” Praise the Lord that He inspires truth, brings healing, and binds up the brokenhearted. One such rewarding testimony is that of health guest Christina Magash. She suffered with significant depression for years. However, in the first week of the program the darkness lifted. This is even more significant considering that those results had not been achieved previously with the use of medication. And not only did the depression lift during the ten day program, but her spirits have stayed high since. In her words, the depression is “absolutely better.”

She feels better both mentally and physically. And, her cholesterol level dropped from 152 to 126. She shared her results with her psychologist, who was very impressed. Christina especially liked the fact that this was a wholistic program, with Jesus as the foundation for health and healing.

One guest lost 10 pounds, another noticed improved eye sight, and still another was able to get completely off medications. Other pleasant components of the program included the wonderful food, the camaraderie between guests and staff, the gentle music in the treatment area, and the helpfulness of self-sacrificing volunteers. Veronica Johnson, a hydrotherapist, said her favorite part of the program was “seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they discovered better health and happiness.”

The knowledge and skills applied in this program can be learned and utilized by nearly anyone. Furthermore, a large reason the program exists is to teach others how to improve health with simple methods. Several of those giving treatments in the April 2023 program gained their skills in a previous program at Village church.

Pastor Michael Kusarawana and Doctor Mike Hess, MD (both pastors at Village) helped manage the program and volunteers. Doctor John Kelly, who helped found the program at Village Church with the aid and support of Senior Pastor Ron Kelly, provided key leadership to the medical team. Doctor Kelly has a wealth of knowledge on natural health methodologies and has the distinction of being the Founding President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Another benefit of the program is that it provides a whole-body tune-up that may help with hidden health hazards. After the program, guest Virginia Clark visited her doctor and learned that a carotid artery was 70% blocked. She realized health issues can sneak up on you even when you think you are well. The discovery made her thankful that she participated in the health seminar. The program helped her be more conscious of how nutrition and exercise affect her life. And, she has made some of the nutritious recipes that were served and shared by the kitchen staff. Virginia reported: “If your health is poor, you need to do a strenuous program.” She suggested guests can take utilize information from the program and adjust it to fit their situation.

At the celebration dinner, Pastor Ron Kelly gave a final charge to encourage guests to continue on the path of health. To further support participants, Doctor Hess is coordinating follow-up meetings for those who want to stay connected, motivated, and educated. They have already fellowshipped together during a potluck breakfast and exercise routine, and they plan to continue doing so.

Thankfully, we can look forward with hope to the day when all health issues will be overcome, and death itself will be thrown into the lake of fire. We will have continued followup and education with the One who died to heal us from our sins. Those interested in seeing an overview of the Health Immersion program can watch here.

Author: Robert Rice, Bible Worker at Village SDA Church

A previous version of this story was featured online by the Lake Union Herald.

Featured photo: Robert Rice